Which Steps does the Test Include?

Prenatalis® NIPT is a genetic test and thus subject to the German Gene Diagnostics Act (GenDG). The GenDG places great emphasis on patient education, counseling and written consent prior to testing. You will receive counseling from a certified genetic counselor prior to taking the test and when you receive the results. Following consultation with your prenatal genetic counselor, you decide whether Prenatalis® matches your personal wishes and needs.

3 Steps to your Test Result:

1. Patient education & genetic counseling

The patient education and genetic counseling must be conducted by a certified geneticist (see requirements on genetic counseling). The physician in charge remains your principal contact person throughout the entire Prenatalis® procedure. To find a genetic counseling service in your area, please contact us.

2. Blood collection

Following your written consent to the test your physician collects a blood sample (10 ml).

3. Analysis

Your sample is analyzed by modern analytical methods in the Medical Lab Martinsried.


After 3 - 5 working days your physician will inform you of your test result and answer all your questions.

The costs for Prenatalis® NIPT are reimbursed on a-case-by-case-basis by individual providers.