About Us

Since mid-2014 Prenatalis® NIPT is part of our diagnostics portfolio. We consider the integration of NIPT to be an additional method in prenatal diagnostics with its high standards of German counseling criteria: individual, neutral, non-directive and non-judgmental.

The Prenatalis® test is conducted under medical supervision in our Laboratory in Martinsried (Germany).

We strictly comply with data protection laws and high quality standards. Our technical competence and expertise of our academic staff is confirmed by Germany’s National Accreditation Body (DAkkS). Prenatalis® received ISO Accreditation in mid July 2015.

Prenatalis® is the first ISO accredited NIPT in Germany

The Center for Human Genetics and Laboratory Medicine in Martinsried (Germany) is a human genetic diagnostics company employing the latest technologies such as multi-gene panel sequencing (MGPS), clinical exome sequencing (CES), whole exome sequencing (WES), RNA sequencing and many more. Our vision is the translation of current scientific knowledge in genome research into clinically useful diagnostic approaches.

Visit us at www.medical-genetics.de to find out more about our broad diagnostic portfolio.